Steelers need to find a slot receiver

The Steelers have two great outside receivers in Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Beyond that, the depth chart is unsettled.

There has been discussion of that and will continue to be, but I don’t [think we are there] yet, McKay said regarding the possible elimination of the hand-in-the-dirt posture that helps make football football. That’s almost to me like when people said the kickoff was definitely going away five years ago. We will evolve, and come up with rules and techniques to respond to the injury data as we get it. But we don’t make wholesale changes in the game just to make them.

The Browns have been getting knocked out a lot in recent years, but perhaps a fighter’s mentality will help to change that.

Anderson has had no such epiphany. His is a saga of relentless hard work and diligence, gradually reaping greater and greater rewards. The best thus far was a stunning quarterfinal upset Wednesday against Federer. The residual question is how much emotional capital did Anderson leave out there after that five-set win, in which he lost the first two sets and stared down a third-set match point.

So what does it all mean? No one really knows for sure, including the coach of the team that employs the chairman of the Competition Committee.

As explained by Jenny Vrentas of, the NFL has produced via several of its coaches a series of six videos aimed at explaining the rule to players. One of the videos was produced by Falcons coach Dan Quinn, who seems to think he knows how the two new rules will be applied in the trenches. But it’s clear based on his comments that it’s not quite wholesale nfl jerseys clear to him how the two new rules will work.

I couldn’t see where it would be very likely called for the inside guys, Quinn told Vrentas. Not saying it couldn’t, but contact happens so quickly when two guys are in a stance across from one another, that it would be difficult.