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Lions OT Emmett Cleary to donate brain to CTE research

Emmett Cleary is the latest NFL player to pledge his brain to science.

The Lions offensive tackle on Wednesday revealed he will donate his brain postmortem to aid research on concussions and CTE, a degenerative brain disease linked to repetitive trauma such as the blows to the head a football player absorbs.

The cold is nothing. We do or die for the Bills. They work hard for us. We’ll give anything for them,” Ian Lewis said amid the din of people gathering at a fence overlooking the tarmac shortly before the Bills touched down. They landed just before 1 a.m. following their flight from Miami.

My daughter’s 11 years old, and we’re season-ticket holders,” he said of his, Layla, who was by his side. And we didn’t want to miss an opportunity to greet the guys for all their hard work.”

Who’s going to jump in the lake with me? Jackson asked the media Wednesday. I made that statement. I got to back it up.

Even if the Browns lose to the Steelers and don’t end the year with a 1-15 record �� joining the 2008 Lions as the only team to not win a game in a season �� it’s still not a good look for Jackson. Even though the record won’t be 1-15, Jackson said it’s the principle of the promise that must be upheld.

I strongly believe the selection committee got it right this season, Hocutt said. I don’t think you can sit back and speculate or second-guess or play the what-if game after the bowl season. That’s for fans to do and I know fans enjoy that conversation, but is it fair? I don’t believe so because we are basing our rankings on the 12 regular season games, and the conference championship games are played, and those are the 12 or 13 games we have in front of us to base our rankings on. … Fans will forever disagree with the rankings, but as the selection committee, our goal is to rank the top 25 teams and get the four very best teams in the country for inclusion into the semifinals, and I would say mission accomplished.

The debate continued on Twitter after the Peach Bowl, where some fans argued that UCF didn’t belong in the semifinals while others were quick to call for an expansion of the four-team playoff, especially after the semifinals produced two SEC teams in the national championship game.

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